Making Math Moments That Matter Online Workshop

Learn our proven 3-part framework for building easy to plan and fun to deliver lessons that kids will not only love, but also learn from regardless of their level of readiness.  


We'll be offering the Make Math Moments That Matter online workshop again in the Fall. Registration will open Sept. 13, 2019. 

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This video series is only a taste of what we will cover in the 30+ video lessons inside our 6-Module Online Workshop. 

In our six week online workshop you’ll learn how to build and adjust your own lessons that engage students, build deeper understanding of math, and promote resilience in problem solving. 

We've had years of experience teaching engaging lessons to learn what works in classrooms and what doesn’t. Our workshop will not only show you the techniques that you can use to maximize student engagement, math understanding, and building student determination but also give you the resources to make it happen. 


Build your math content knowledge and pedagogical practice when you want, from where you want.




Module 1: Introduction to Making Math Moments That Matter

How Will This Help Me?

Get introduced to the 3-part framework for building easy to plan and fun to deliver lessons that kids will not only love, but also learn from.

What Will I Learn?  

  • Why the 3-part framework should be your go-to strategy for planning and developing your lessons.
  • How the 3-part framework can be applied to any concept and at any grade level.
  • Participate in your first of many step-by-step lesson walkthroughs to realize the power of the 3-part framework.  


Module 2: Engaging Students Using Problems That Spark Curiosity

How Will This Help Me?

How to create a math classroom where students don’t want to stop exploring mathematics when the bell rings.

What Will I Learn?  

  • How to implement three techniques to engage your students and hook them into learning.
  • How to avoid five big mistakes when using real world problems.
  • How to transform textbook problems into captivating tasks that maximize student interest and learning.
  • Make every minute count with 5 daily warm-up routines that will make your students eager to learn 

Module 3: Teaching Through Problem Solving to Build Grit and Perseverance

How Will This Help Me?

How to put an end to students saying “I don’t get it” and giving up on problems in math class.

What Will I Learn?  

  • What Hollywood movies can teach us about perseverance and math class.
  • How to teach your math lesson using real world problems that build grit and perseverance in your students.
  • Our “go-to” tools that make the math more accessible to encourage students to start problems and not give up 

Module 4: Teaching Through Problem Solving to Build Understanding

How Will This Help Me?

How to make every student realize they can do and understand math.

What Will I Learn?  

  • How to use real world problems to meet the needs of every student in your classroom regardless of student readiness.
  • How to build on students’ prior knowledge instead of feeling like you’re starting from scratch each day.
  • How to help students make connections across your grade level standards  

Module 5: Planning Your Problem Based Lessons

How Will This Help Me?

How to plan your problem solving lessons so you can lead them like a pro.

What Will I Learn?  

  • How to plan lessons for the varying levels of student readiness in your classroom.
  • Three moves to help your lessons run without a hitch.
  • How to use what you see and hear in your classroom to guide your instruction  

Module 6: Long-Range Planning & Assessment to Make Math Moments That Matter

How Will This Help Me?

How to ensure that you are creating Math Moments That Matter throughout the entirety of your course.

What Will I Learn?  

  • How practicing to build procedural fluency fits into the math moments framework.
  • How to avoid 5 common misconceptions from affecting your planning.
  • How you can structure your units of study to maximize learning and retention.  
  • How to use effective assesment strategies that promote learning instead of labelling.


 Reserve your spot in the workshop! We're excited to have you be a part of it. 

Registration opens Friday Sept. 13th 2019. 


The workshop costs $297 US, less than a daily cup of coffee throughout the school year.



Learning Guaranteed  

If you complete our workshop and do not learn anything you can implement in your classroom, then you will receive a full refund.


Sarah-Jane Wells Grade 7 Math Teacher, Toronto Ontario

"Taking Jon & Kyle’s online workshop has been one of the most useful professional experiences that I’ve had. I could implement their strategies and provided resources immediately in my classroom leaving me with more time to dedicate to my students and a renewed energy toward teaching."

Elana Reiser Professor of Mathematics & Graduate Mathematics Program Director , St. Joseph's College, Long Island NY

"I was frustrated with how my students were afraid to “try things out” when problem solving but after working with Jon & Kyle and applying their lesson ideas I now feel prepared to help my students overcome their struggles."

Matthew Makuch 4th & 5th grade teacher, Victoria, BC

"Working with Jon & Kyle changed my perspective so that I now see math in the world around me and I can bring it into my classroom. The practical classroom-ready resources they share frees me from feeling chained to the textbook everyday. I love seeing how the three-act math tasks can be used and reused to hit so many different curricular areas all in one activity.!"

Carla Novreske Middle school math teacher, Northwest Indiana

"I cannot tell you how many times I've yelled YES!! during Jon & Kyle’s online workshop. They helped me realize that I needed a change in the status quo and I learned more than I ever thought I would from their help. SO WORTH THE INVESTMENT!"

Hear what these participants have to say about the workshop...

If you’re going to take a Professional development workshop then you deserve one where you’ll get a coach to lead you step-by-step to plan and deliver engaging and accessible lessons that not only engage your students but get them to understand math for years into the future.

About Kyle Pearce

I’m the K-12 Mathematics Consultant with the Greater Essex County District School Board, where my passion for mathematics fuels me to uncover creative ways to spark curiosity and fuel sense making through the inquiry process using tasks that are contextual, visual and concrete. An Apple Distinguished Educator and Google Certified Innovator, I share my most recent noticings, wonderings, and reflections in mathematics pedagogy and effective uses of technology by delivering workshops across North America, blogging on  

I live in Belle River, Ontario, Canada with my wife, daughter and son.

Kyle's Qualifications

If you're wondering about my qualifications, I've been fortunate to:  

  • Enjoy over 12 years of teaching math in the classroom at the middle school and high school level;
  • Learn with teachers for over 7 years as a Instructional Coach for middle school math and K-12 Mathematics Consultant;
  • Train thousands of teachers across the world through keynote presentations and hands-on workshops;
  • Be published in a number of Educational Journals, Apple iTunes U and Apple iBooks;
  • Consult with numerous EdTech companies on math education;
  • Create and to promote curiosity and sense making using visuals in math class; and,
  • Earn my Bachelors of Mathematics (2005) and Bachelors of Education (2006) from the Univeristy of Windsor.

About Jon Orr

I’m a high school math teacher at John McGregor Secondary School in the Lambton-Kent District School Board in Ontario Canada. When not teaching my students and spending time with my family I lead workshops and presentations on teaching pedagogy in the math classroom. As an Apple Distinguished Educator and Desmos Fellow I routinely talk about implementing technology and great teaching strategies in my classroom. Lately I’ve been excited about promoting struggle in my students and teaching them about resilience while problem solving.

I live in Tilbury Ontario Canada with my wife and three daughters.  

Jon's Qualifications

If you're wondering about my qualifications, I've been fortunate to:

  • Enjoy over 14 years of teaching math at the middle school and high school level;
  • Train thousands of teachers across the world through keynote presentations and hands-on workshops;
  • Be published in Mathematics Teacher, Apple iTunes U, Apple iBooks;
  • Consult with numerous EdTech companies on math education;
  • Author Math Before Bed, a children's book on building communication around number sense; and,
  • Earn my Bachelors of Mathematics from the Univeristy of Waterloo (2004) and my Bachelors of Education from Queens University. 


James Tanton

Author, Mathematics Association of America --- Phoenix, AZ 

Jon and Kyle are a snazzy, dynamic duo with all the intellectual might, emotional awareness, pedagogical caring, and generosity of spirit to transform the mathematics teaching world. Their penetrating insights in lesson thinking, doing, and sharing are beautifully bundled in the spark-fuel-ignite framework. 

Mathematics is a human enterprise, by humans, for humans. And mathematics teaching is--we must remember--for students(!): their human experience, their human growth and joy.

This jazzy duo helps us keep that fair and square at the front of our minds, brilliantly teaching us to keep student experiences true and genuine, meaningful and uplifting. And they remind us that we all, at all levels of the K-12+ educational system, are working on this together. We are a united team working for mighty good and joyous human good. Bravo Kyle and Jon!  

Kyle and Jon have established themselves as a go-to pair for thoughtful and interesting math lessons.  

It is great to see them spreading their ideas beyond those who already know about and follow their work. One of the things they have done that all teachers need to do is reflect on what they do that works and what they do that doesn’t.  

Their attention to the critical nature of building curiosity and the importance of thoughtful planning resonate with me. It is great that they have provided so many examples and a structure in which to create lessons. 

Marian Small

Author and International Professional Development Consultant for Improved Mathematics Education --- Ottawa, Ontario

Damian Cooper - Assessment Consultant

Damian Cooper

Founder of Plan, Teach, Assess; Assessment and Evaluation Consultant, International Speaker, Author of Redefining Fair and Talk About Assessment --- Toronto, Ontario

Jon & Kyle get teaching, they get assessment, and most of all, they get kids! They are both that rare secondary mathematics teacher who understand that their primary job is to support the learning of all students, especially those who struggle with mathematics. 

Great mathematics teachers are able to unlock the mysteries of the subject for students who, in the past, have seen math as an endless stream of unrelated steps and procedures. They see their role as helping students come to understand what mathematics is, and how it works. They realize they have the power to change a student's fixed mindset - "I'm useless at math and there's nothing to be done about it!" - to a growth mindset - "I can learn this!"

Jon & Kyle are these teachers. 

They know that they have to begin every course and every unit with pre-assessment; that they need to use the data from this assessment to inform instruction; that they need to use formative assessment to identify strengths and needs during learning; and that students only complete summative assessment tasks when they are confident they've learned the material.

And while Jon & Kyle are crusaders for those thousands of students who just don't get math, every student needs and deserves mathematics teachers like them.

Kyle and Jon are on a mission to change how students experience math by ditching those forgettable “I do, we do, you do” lessons and crafting moments that students will remember.  

Curious students WANT to learn and are EAGER to tackle that next challenging problem. Let Kyle and Jon show you how to spark curiosity on a daily basis.  

Once you have kids engaged, what do you do to turn that engagement into long-lasting learning? In this workshop, they’ll show you a simple 3-part framework that will not only make your students curious about math, but also help you leverage student thinking into meaningful whole class discussions that result in real learning that lasts.  

Their three step framework can help any teacher make small changes that result in big wins!

Raj Shah - Math Plus Academy

Raj Shah 

Founder of Math Plus Academy, International Mathematics Facilitator and Speaker --- Columbus, Ohio

Peter Liljedahl 

Professor, Faculty of Education Simon Fraser University --- Burnaby, British Columbia

The Making Math Moments That Matter online workshop provides teachers with an amazing framework that not only helps teachers begin to change their practice, but also provides the resources necessary to maintain that change. This three part framework is just what teachers need to help them shift the doing and the thinking from the teacher to the student.  

While the curiosity pathway provides actionable steps to ensure students are fully engaged in your math lesson, what I appreciate most is the attention paid to “fuelling sense making” and “igniting next moves.” This part of the framework equips teachers to move past the rich tasks and engaging videos and embed these resources in a more purposeful and enhanced teaching practice.

I strongly encourage all educators who teach mathematics at some point in their timetable to consider participating in this engaging and informative workshop to move your practice to the next level.


Option Cost University PD Credits Choose your Instructor? Stay in the classroom? Access to content
Our workshop $297 + $80 per credit 2 to 4 Yes Yes 12 weeks
National math conference $585 + travel expenses 0 No No 4 days
University course $725 + materials 4 No Yes 8 weeks


 Reserve your spot in the workshop! We're excited to have you be a part of it. 

Registration opens Friday Sept. 13th 2019. 


The workshop costs $297 US, less than a daily cup of coffee throughout the school year.


Learning Guaranteed  

If you complete our workshop and do not learn anything you can implement in your classroom, then you will receive a full refund.










We've Worked and Presented with...  


Sometimes we teachers feel that we need do it ALL on our own. We often avoid seeking the feedback and advice of our peers to improve our teaching practice. 

We get it. We have all felt this way at times during our teaching career.

But you don't have to. Our workshop provides the community, support, guidance, and reassurance you need to make the positive impact on your students that you have been looking for.

We can do this better together. Register today!


Cathy Yenca

NCTM Speaker, Math Education Influencer and Blogger --- Austin, Texas

Through this course, both Kyle and Jon share candid, priceless insight from their own teaching journeys. Every math teacher can relate to the anecdotes they profess - they’re like “the math teachers next door”! 

Perhaps before you realize it, they’ve kindly challenged you to make powerful and totally doable changes that benefit all students. 

Watching Kyle model ways to transform a variety of textbook problems empowered me to focus my own teaching lens on a “curiosity path”. 

And, I already feel like I’ve earned valuable time back in my life by hearing Jon share “five big mistakes to avoid when teaching problem-based lessons”. Most importantly, I now know that my pesky fear of “lesson flop” CAN be overcome, and I’m equipped to provide better tasks and support for my students!  

If you’ve ever wondered how to reach students who dislike math, students who seem unwilling to engage in math class, and/or students who are falling behind, this course will help you uncover the factors that have led these students away from math enjoyment and success and then counteract those experiences with new, practical instructional approaches. You will confront and articulate the script many of us have experienced in math class and consider how this approach has (unintentionally) created two groups of students: those we perceived to be good at math and those we perceived to not be good at math. You will then reimagine another way, a new script, full of instructional approaches that engage all students in learning and doing mathematics.  

As math teachers, we want our students to be problem solvers, but our methods of instruction might unintentionally be developing rule followers and example memorizers instead. How do we plan our lessons so that they engage students in rich, content-aligned thinking? How do execute these lessons so that they are effective and enduring? What fears might we have as educators trying to implement new instructional routines and how can we avoid common pitfalls? This workshop navigates these important issues with a depth, humour, and relatability that will leave you empowered and equipped to Make Math Moments That Matter for your learners.  

Michelle Rinehart - Math Consultant

Michelle Rinehart

Mathematics Consultant, Mathematics Speaker --- Odessa, Texas

Dan Finkel Math For Love

Dan Finkel

Founder of Math For Love, TEDx Speaker, International Mathematics Facilitator, Math Game Creator, New York Times Contributor --- Seattle, Washington

If your students walked into class curious and motivated, teaching math could be joyful and rigorous all the time. 

Motivating curiosity and mathematical sense-making isn't easy, but Pearce and Orr show that it can be simple, and give a map of how you can take control of these central elements to make your math class work like you want it to.  

I'm going to be recommending Making Math Moments That Matter to a lot of the teachers I work with. 

Jon and Kyle are well respected educators and presenters who pay incredible attention to detail so that others have the best possible experience. 

They are fearless in their willingness to test out their new innovations so that they can share what they learn with others.  

Most of all, they are so easy to learn from because they are authentic storytellers who blend their experiences with anecdotes to help us reflect on opportunities for improvement.

Robert Kaplinsky Testimonial

Robert Kaplinsky

Mathematics Consultant, International Mathematics Facilitator, Co-Creator of --- Long Beach, California

BONUS Content you’ll receive ONLY in this workshop

Quick Reference Guides 

We know your time is valuable. So we took great notes for you for many of our lessons. It will be handy for you to have a set of quick reference guides in your classroom so you can easily look up the ideas we shared in the course to make the most impact with your students. Can’t remember what we said about sparking curiosity? Glance to the quick reference guide. in this area

The Making Math Moments That Matter Lesson/Day Planner

Don’t spend upwards of $50 on a day planner for your classroom! Use ours for free! Our lesson planner gives you constant reminders of what you learned in our workshop on a daily basis. 

Plan your big goals for the day, write out your lesson plans, create unit and course goals all in one place.

Customize and re-order pages based on your schedule in this printable PDF planner.  



Please note: The planner is a digital PDF 

Executive Summary

As a BONUS we've included an Executive Summary for you to reference the key learning from our workshop. We understand that many schools or districts fund the cost of this workshop for interested teachers, but require a reflection of learning to be submitted upon completion. This summary guide can be helpful as you prepare this reflection.


Learning about the workshop


This workshop is for you if you are a K-12 educator not satisfied with allowing your students to passively learn math. This workshop is for open minded educators looking to make changes and learn how to build math lessons that spark engagement, fuel math learning in students, and ignite teacher action.


This workshop is not for you if you are closed off to making changes to your math lessons. It's not for you if you're not willing to take risks that can benefit students. This course is not for you if you think there's nothing left to learn about teaching students.


NO! Registration is open to teachers from any country. The strategies, ideas, and resources shared in this workshop are for K-12 teachers all over the world.


The registration will close on Friday February 8th at 6:00 PM PST so that all participants can begin learning at the same time. This will ensure a high value and high quality workshop. As the participants are working on the same content at about the same time their conversations with each other and us will be more meaningful and valuable.


We want this workshop to be accessible to everyone. So, please email us at, explain your situation, and we'll see what we can work out.


First, you will receive an email with a receipt shortly after you register. Then, within 30 minutes you will receive a second email from us with information about how to log in to the workshop's website. The workshop will officially begin on Monday, February 11, 2019, so save your username and password to log in then.


Yes! If you need a page to share with your department colleagues, or even to convince a friend, then print off the flyer found above. The flyer outlines exactly what you'll learn and why you should learn it. This can help convince your supervisor that this workshop is worth the investment.


Not necessarily. Over 70% of our past workshop participants were reimbursed for the cost of the workshop. Many administrators and teacher organizations (Unions and teacher associations) have funding that you can apply for. We provide you with a certificate of participation as proof that you took part in the professional development course/workshop. 


We're still working on a smooth way to do this. For now, there are two options:

  • Add one registration to your cart, and register each person, one at a time.
  • Add a registration for each teacher to your cart (so 8 teachers would be 8 workshops in the cart), and check out. Then, email with the full name and email address of each teacher you registered.

Yes. It is no problem to pay with a purchase order. All you have to do is select "Purchase Order" as the payment option and it will allow you to complete your order. Then when you receive your receipt, forward it to along with your Purchase Order information.


The workshop experience


Our workshop is NOT a live workshop. Although we have a BONUS live Q & A one night during the 6 weeks we've scheduled for the workshop. We created specifically so you can learn our techniques at your own pace and wherever you choose! You could learn at home on the couch, at school in the staff room, or even waiting for your child's soccer practice to end!


The workshop will begin Monday February 11, 2019. Each Monday during the six weeks we will release a module of content. The last day is officially Friday March 22, 2019. But you will have access to the workshop and all of it's content for another six weeks!


YES! All videos are closed captioned. They were all created by hand and we've reviewed every second to ensure accuracy!


Each week you'll receive a welcome email and video where we'll give an overview of what the week's learning goals will be, any resources you'll need, and the expected amount of time you'll need to invest in to get as much as you can from the workshop. Although the time you invest each week will be different, we anticipate each week's work taking between one to four hours to complete. However, remember that even though the workshop is six weeks long, you have access to the content for twelve weeks.


We believe that if you are serious about making changes in your teaching practice then having hands-on actionable steps are important to achieving success. So yes, most lessons will either give you a specific action item or resource you can try in your classroom or ask you to interact with the other participants in the workshop on our message board.


You'll need any internet enabled device (computer, tablet, smartphone) to access and interact with the course content and us! You'll need access to a printer to print the necessary templates and pages. That's it!

Special Note:

Please ensure that emails from are being received and not going to your SPAM folder. To test whether you are ready to receive emails from, sign up for emails here. You should receive a confirmation email at the email address you entered within a few minutes.

If you don't receive the email, your options include:

  • checking your SPAM folder
  • trying a different email address
  • talking with your work's network if you are using your work email address to ensure that any emails from are not being blocked.
  • If none of those options allow you to receive emails from, then please email and we will work to resolve the issue.  

After the workshop is finished. 


Yes. After the workshop is over, participants will receive an electronic certificate of participation via email. If you need specific information on your certificate of participation, just email and explain what you need to have added.


Yes. You can earn up to four Graduate Level Professional Development Credits through Brandman University, part of the Chapman University System. You must register for EDTU 9051 to earn the credits. Please check with your school or district to determine whether these credits are accepted. Note that these credits require additional fees ($80 per credit) and follow-up assignments. Click here to learn more.


If you sign up for our workshop, and feel that you didn't learn anything of value you can implement in your classroom, email within 10 business days of the workshop end and you will receive a full refund.



 Reserve your spot in the workshop! We're excited to have you be a part of it. 

Registration opens Friday Sept. 13th 2019. 


The workshop costs $297 US, less than a daily cup of coffee throughout the school year.


Learning Guaranteed  

If you complete our workshop and do not learn anything you can implement in your classroom, then you will receive a full refund.