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I help overwhelmed, kinder teachers take their chaotic classrooms and turn it into organized chaos by following a step by step program that kids will love learning in. 

 – Scarlett Orr

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Kindergarten Is Critical!

Why your intentionality is crucial.

Do you feel like you are just “winging it” in your kindergarten program?  You only have 2 years before Kindergartners turn 6 and then their absorbent mind becomes significantly less absorbent.

Wasting time floundering from one activity to the next without having a clear picture of where we are going only hurts our little ones.

Not knowing our program makes it very difficult to understand where to start, what to look for, and where to go next.

Essential Pillars of an Effective Kindergarten Classroom

What matters most in your Kindergarten classroom? Learn practical guidlines and pillars that will:

      • help to ensure all students are successfull and develop the whole child;
      • Feel more confident in your Kindergarten classroom!

Develop Your Plan!

Develop Your PLan

Learn how to create a solid big-picture plan and how to execute it in Kindergarten.

Gain a clear guideline for Kindergarten plus progressions of activities that are developmentally appropriate for your young minds.

By taking this course you’ll save valuable prep time by taking the guesswork out of planning. The feeling of overwhelm and directionless-ness in a play-based learning environment will disappear.


Learning how to teach math in a Kindergarten classroom takes three (3) steps:

  • Understand the progression of early years mathematical ideas so you can help your students on their journey. Where do I start and what comes next?
  • Build your tool set of classroom activities, routines, provocations, and manipulatives so you can be flexible in your busy environment.
  • Learn what to look for when teaching math so you can assess your students on the fly and build your reports.

Make it Right For You!

Kindergarten Is A Different World 

In Kindergarten many school districts do not provide pacing guides, or a list of activities to follow. Most times professional development and support for Kindergarten teachers is an afterthought.
Unfortunately most school leaders will place a teacher into Kindergarten and expect them to just “know what to do”.

In Kindergarten teaching everyone at the same time with the same lesson at a desk with pencil and paper is not an option!

Without taking action and learning how to teach in a play-based learning environment, by this time next year you’ll still be wondering what strategies are most important for developing early number sense and how to implement them in the classroom.

The Right Plan Is Your Ticket To Flexibly Focus

Organize Your Classroom

If you have a research based plan in place it’s easy to understand where to start, and to know what you’re looking for when kids play.  Having the right plan not only allows you to know what you’re looking for, but it also allows a teacher to know what to fall back on if a child isn’t ready for the next step yet.  Kindergarten learning is so individualized.  Almost every child is learning at their own level.

It’s called organized chaos and the key is to know your program inside and out.

Follow me and take my course so you can learn and use our plan to take creative ideas and turn them into a confident, organized kindergarten classroom.

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How To Teach Math In Kindergarten

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I help overwhelmed, kinder teachers take their chaotic classrooms and turn it into organized chaos by following a step by step program that kids will love learning in.