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Take our 12-minute assessment screener to receive a free, customized improvement plan to shape and grow the 6 parts necessary for a strong, healthy, and balanced mathematics program.

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At Make Math Moments, we believe that an effective mathematics program must be cultivated and fostered like a strong, healthy and balanced tree.

When you know how to strengthen the 6 parts of an effective math program, you create a program that grows strong and wide.



Transform your team by turning your math program into an initiative with a clear mission.

Knowledge & Proficiency


Help your educators in developing their mathematical proficiency.

Mindset & Beliefs

Soil, Sunlight, Water

Shift educator mindsets and beliefs from deficit thinking towards asset thinking.

PD Structure


Create a sustainable, supportive, and actionable professional development structure that creates change.

Pedagogical Knowledge


Train & Support your educators on effective use of the 8 effective teaching practices.

Lessons & Resources


Utilize resources that designed to spark curiosity as well as fuel sense making in students.

Your report will show you where your mathematics improvement plan is performing well, where you need to improve, and give you a customized plan to strengthen all 6 parts of your program.

Take The Free Assessment

How The Assessment Works

  1. Complete The Assessment

The assessment will take you about 10 minutes to complete and is designed to give you a detailed diagnosis of your district’s or school’s math program.

Take The Free Assessment
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2. Get Your Report.

You will receive a detailed, customized report that will highlight areas of concern and an area of greatest need in your current math program.

Take The Free Assessment

3. Optimize & Strengthen Your District’s Math Program.

In addition to your customized report you’ll receive a step-by-step plan (resources, trainings) you can immediately use to make changes and improvements in your program. 

Take The Free Assessment

How The Assessment Works

Take The Free Assessment