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Make Math Moments 3-Part Framework

The Make Math Moments 3-Part Framework helps teachers like you use custom math activities so you can spark student curiosity, fuel sense making in kids, and ignite your teaching moves. We teach you how to utilize our framework for math activities and tasks so you can make math moments in your classroom.




Sense Making


Your Teacher Moves

There are 4 ways you can learn about the Make Math Moments Framework so you can change your math class.


Get Your Customized Improvement Plan For Your Classroom (or District)

Take the 12 minute assessment and you’ll get a free, customized plan to shape and grow the 6 parts of any strong mathematics classroom program.

When you know how to strengthen the 6 parts of an effective math program, you create a program that grows strong and wide.

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Watch One (or both) Of Our On-Demand Video Courses For Free

Perfect for educators looking to be shown step-by-step with visual examples on how they can transform their lessons to engage and build sense making. 

Wooly Worm Race - Representing and Adding Fractions

Free 4-Part Video Course

Just like you, we’re frustrated with how easily students in math class give up when solving unfamiliar problems. We want to help our students as much as we can, just like you do. Join Kyle & Jon in this 4-part video series to learn how to build resilient problem solvers. 

How To Make Math Moments From A Distance - Guide FEATURED

Make Over Your Resources

Learn to transform your math resources and truly engage your students while creating a deeper and more fluent understanding of mathematics in this FREE 4 part webinar series.


Dive Into The Make Math Moments Guidebook and How It Relates To Research Based Practices

Perfect for educators who want to understand how thethe framework can benefit educators and students while learning how it relates to research based pratices. 

Make Math Moments 3-Part Framework Guidebook

Learn about the Make Math Moments That Matter 3-Part Framework for creating and running math activities and tasks so you can feel successful and confident in the math classroom. 


Book A Call With Us To Learn About The Make Math Moments District Improvement Program

Perfect for educational leaders looking to support their teachers and students in the development and implementation of strategic mathematics professional learning plans that empower teachers to spark student engagement while fuelling deep sense making.

There’s only 180 school days for our teachers to fuel sense-making with our students. We can’t afford to let days slip by with ineffective (impact-less) teacher strategies.

Change Memorizers into Moment Makers using engaging, effective, and sustainable professional development & resources starting now!

Ready to Dig Deeper?

See our catalogue of videos and posts on engagement, technology, problem based lessons, and building sense-making in your students.


Spark Curiosity & Fuel Sense Making In Your Students

Use our proven problem based math activities, tasks and units of study to engage your students while at the same time deepen & repair their connection to mathematics.

Our problem based tasks and units are great for students in grades 3 through 10.

Wooly Worm Race - Representing and Adding Fractions

Fractions & Metric Units

Wooly Worms Race is a task where students will represent the distances travelled by each caterpillar using a concrete or visual model to order them from greatest to least. We have intentionally selected a linear context because we are hoping to emerge the bar model and eventually the number line as effective and efficient representations that can be used when working with fractions. 


Equivalence & Algebraic Substitution

Shot Put is a task where students will have an opportunity to reason through an investigation sparked by an athlete throwing shot put. The tasks involve the evaluation of an equation through substitution and the solving of 2-step linear equations. Students will have the opportunity to apply models to reason; in particular, making use of the double number line.


Scavenger Hunt - Data Management and Finding The Mean

Represent Categorical Data & Explore Mean

Scavenger Hunt is a task where students will explore estimation, relative thinking and the graphical representation of categorical data.


MMM Unit - Snack Time Fractions Unit

Partitive Division Resulting in a Fraction

Snack Time is a task where students will represent the partitioning of cheese slices in order to fair share them amongst the crackers without leaving any cheese leftover. At this point, students may not have a lot of experience dividing when the dividend is less than the divisor. This new experience will likely emerge practical tools for partitioning such as concrete materials, a bar model and/or a linear model.


Don’t Know Where To Start?

Explore our problem based tasks that range from grades 3-10


Insightful Conversations with Educational Leaders & Classroom Teachers

Our podcasts reveal powerful stories, strategies, and “secrets” for building a math classroom that you wish you were in.

We host some of the most influential minds in education

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Discussions With Purpose

How do I teach tasks & cover the curriculum?

How do I coach teachers for effective change?

Why mindfulness is needed in mathematics classes.

How can I help students build fact fluency?

How do I spark curiosity & fuel sense making with abstract concepts?

How can I engage students while teaching strictly online?

How can I manage giving feedback in a reasonable amount of time?

How parental mindset is key in a student’s progression of mathematics.

How do I build in purposeful practice into my lesson plan?

The Making Math Moments That Matter Podcast with Kyle Pearce & Jon Orr

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We Teach Proven Researched-Based Classroom Strategies To Engage & Deepen Student Learning

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The Make Math Moments Academy

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Wooly Worm Race - Representing and Adding Fractions

This 12-week online workshop will teach you how to use our 3-part framework for building easy to plan and fun to deliver lessons that kids will not only love, but also learn from. You’ll learn: why the framework is necessary and experience lessons that were built on the framework; what makes lessons memorable and how to create more of them; how to harness the power of productive struggle to maximize student learning; and, how to effectively plan memorable lessons to ensure of their success in the classroom.


12-Week Course

If you’ve tried to implement engaging, fun lessons and activities only to find out that your students still had significant trouble accessing the math, then your students most likely missed key learning in the area of proportional reasoning.Proportional reasoning is the Concept that Holds Students Back from their success. Enroll in our Make Math Moments online course to supersize your math skills while building success in your students.


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Make Math Moments Inc. was founded by Kyle Pearce and Jon Orr to provide an opportunity for all mathematics educators around the world to become aware and able to access professional learning opportunities that will elevate their teaching practice and promote a more equitable learning experience for all students.

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