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The lessons, podcasts, webinars, and courses that help you Make Math Moments wouldn’t be possible without the efforts of this great team!

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Meet The Team!

Kyle Pearce

Founder & Lead Curiosity Instigator

Kyle always felt like he was “good at math” until he realized that he was good at memorizing! Since then he’s been on a quest to re-learn mathematics concepts that he could only regurgitate steps and procedures for. As the Lead Curiosity Instigator here at Make Math Moments, he dedicates his efforts to spark curiosity and fuel sense-making in the students and educators he works with as the K-12 Mathematics Consultant for his school district.

Favourite Task

Super Powers

  • Task Creation
  • Leading PD Sessions
  • Elementary Math Progressions

Jon Orr

Founder & Lead Struggle Coordinator

Jon is a practicing high school math teacher who draws on his experience sparking curiosity and fuelling sense making with his students to ignite the moves of the teachers in his circle of influence at Make Math Moments. His passions lie in promoting productive struggle with his students and mathematics educators he learns with.

Favourite Task

Super Powers

  • Operations
  • Leading PD Sessions
  • Secondary Math Progressions

Yvette Lehman

Curriculum Writer

Learning about the five mathematical proficiencies helped Yvette realize that math can be seen, opening her eyes and mind to visualize mathematics in an entirely new way. As a former struggling math student, a commitment to conceptually understanding elementary math concepts through models has ignited her passion for making connections and supporting student understanding. 

Favourite Task

Super Powers

  • Elementary progressions
  • Conceptualized Learning
  • Writing

Brian Banks

District Partnerships

Brian joined the team to deliver the Make Math Moments content to the community of math educators across North America.  Brian’s passion for math started with statistics quoted on hockey and baseball cards or on golf scorecards.  If it’s worth doing, it’s worth measuring!  

Favourite Task

Super Powers

  • Communication
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • District Support

Joris Gordula

Customer Happiness Consultant

Joris uses her past rocky relationship with mathematics to fuel her love for helping teachers Make Math Moments in their classrooms. As an anchor at Make Math Moments, Joris provides communication support to the thousands educators who use the resources at Make Math Moments every day. 

Favourite Task

Super Powers

  • Organization
  • Communication
  • Educator Support

Chris Atkinson

Solutions Expert

Chris left a career in IT to pursue his passion for teaching.  He currently divides his professional time between working as a department head of mathematics and running Student Info Solutions Inc., providing school data solutions and web support to the education sector. 

Favourite Task

Super Powers

  • PHP & SQL
  • Data Solutions
  • Customer Service

Ali Özbay

Production Editor

Ali’s memorable math moment around division in algebra class left scars on his belief about being a good math student. His involvment in the Make Math Moments team has helped him view mathematics learning in a new light! 

Favourite Task

Super Powers

  • Audio Production
  • Creativity
  • Music

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