Making Math Moments That Matter Podcast

Our podcast episodes reveal powerful stories, strategies and “secrets” for building a math classroom that you’ve always wanted.

Making Math Moments That Matter Podcast

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About The Making Math Moments That Matter Podcast

Make Math Moments is on a mission to provide an opportunity for all mathematics educators around the world to access professional learning opportunities that will elevate their teaching practice and promote an equitable learning experience for all students. We strive to provide all educators with the opportunity to spark their learning through the Making Math Moments That Matter Podcast as a means to inspire the exploration of new pedagogical practices and to seek out opportunities to deepen their own mathematical content knowledge.

The goal of the podcast is to help more mathematics educators to create a classroom culture where students don’t want to stop exploring mathematics when the bell rings by interviewing featured guests such as Jo BoalerPeter LiljedahlSunil SinghDan MeyerNicki NewtonJohn Hattie, inviting mathematics teachers on to the show to engage in “Mentoring Moment” episodes where we coach them through a current math classroom struggle, or to simply riff on a specific big idea, tool or strategy for simply. 

We strive to positively impact the K-12 mathematical experience for over 1 million students by helping mathematics teachers and mathematics district leaders to strengthen the six (6) key parts of an effective mathematics program

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Episode Show Notes and Resource Pages

A new episode is released each and every Monday morning at 5:30 AM Eastern / 2:30 AM Pacific Time with full show notes to summarize the episode, complete transcripts and links to resources relevant to that specific episode. 

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Insightful Conversations with Mathematics Leaders and Mathematics Classroom Teachers

We host some of the most influential minds in education…

Robert Q. Berry III

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Jo Boaler

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Dan Meyer

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John Hattie

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Jose Vilson

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Dr, Nikki Newton

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Sunil Singh

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Pam Harris

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Peter Liljedahl

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Discussions With Purpose

How do I teach tasks & cover the curriculum?

How do I coach teachers for effective change?

Why mindfulness is needed in mathematics classes.

How can I help students build fact fluency?

How do I spark curiosity & fuel sense making with abstract concepts?

How can I engage students while teaching strictly online?

How can I manage giving feedback in a reasonable amount of time?

How parental mindset is key in a student’s progression of mathematics.

How do I build in purposeful practice into my lesson plan?

The Making Math Moments That Matter Podcast with Kyle Pearce & Jon Orr

Weekly interviews, strategy, and mentorship for building a mathematics classroom that you’ve always wanted.

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At Make Math Moments, we believe that an effective mathematics program must be cultivated and fostered like a strong, healthy and balanced tree.

When you know how to strengthen the 6 parts of an effective math program, your impact will grow far and wide.

Leadership and Classroom Pillars


Transform your team by turning your math program into an initiative with a clear mission.

Content Knowledge & Mathematical Proficiency


Help your educators in developing their mathematical proficiency.

Mindset & Beliefs

Soil, Sunlight, Water

Shift educator mindsets and beliefs from deficit thinking towards asset thinking.

Professional Development Structure


Create a sustainable, supportive, and actionable professional development structure that creates change.

Pedagogical Content Knowledge


Train & Support your educators on effective use of the 8 effective teaching practices.

Lessons, Tools, Resources and Environment


Utilize resources that designed to spark curiosity as well as fuel sense making in students.

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