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You are a mathematics leader, innovator, author or influencer who has ideas, resources or supports that could help the Math Moment Maker Community of classroom teachers, mathematics coaches, consultants, coordinators, facilitators, administrators and district leaders.


You want to be featured alongside other “Mathemagical” Math Moment Makers such as: Jo Boaler, Peter Liljedahl, Sunil Singh, Dan Meyer, Nicki Newton, John Hattie and many more.


You want to be featured on the most downloaded mathematics education podcast in the world with well over 1 million downloads and counting.

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A Brief Introduction to The Making Math Moments That Matter Podcast:

Make Math Moments is on a mission to provide an opportunity for all mathematics educators around the world to access professional learning opportunities that will elevate their teaching practice and promote an equitable learning experience for all students. We strive to provide all educators with the opportunity to spark their learning through the Making Math Moments That Matter Podcast as a means to inspire the exploration of new pedagogical practices and to seek out opportunities to deepen their own mathematical content knowledge.

The goal of the podcast is to help more mathematics educators to create a classroom culture where students don’t want to stop exploring mathematics when the bell rings by interviewing featured guests (like you) as well as inviting mathematics teachers on to the show to engage in “Mentoring Moment” episodes where we coach them through a current math classroom struggle. 

We strive to positively impact the K-12 mathematical experience for over 1 million students by helping mathematics teachers and mathematics district leaders to strengthen the six (6) key parts of an effective mathematics program

At Make Math Moments, we believe that an effective mathematics program must be cultivated and fostered like a strong, healthy and balanced tree.

Can you support the Math Moment Maker Community in strengthening one (1) or more of the six (6) parts of an effective math program so it can grow strong and wide?



Transform your team by turning your math program into an initiative with a clear mission.

Knowledge & Proficiency


Help your educators in developing their mathematical proficiency.

Mindset & Beliefs

Soil, Sunlight, Water

Shift educator mindsets and beliefs from deficit thinking towards asset thinking.

PD Structure


Create a sustainable, supportive, and actionable professional development structure that creates change.

Pedagogical Knowledge


Train & Support your educators on effective use of the 8 effective teaching practices.

Lessons & Resources


Utilize resources that designed to spark curiosity as well as fuel sense making in students.

What Others Are Saying About Make Math Moments…

“The difference is night and day”

“With the guidance from the Make Math Moments District Improvement Program this is the first year we’ve had a clear, connected, impactful professional development plan where our teachers see a pathway to an improved math classroom.”

West Carrollton School District, Ohio

“Working with Jon and Kyle has given us a different perspective by challenging our thinking. They encourage us to take action steps based on our conversations and then follow up with us on those actions. Being math leaders is a lonely job and they validate the work that we are doing as well as coach us into better leaders.”

Katy Independent School District, Texas

Kyle and Jon have established themselves as a go-to pair for thoughtful and interesting math lessons.

Their attention to the critical nature of building curiosity and the importance of thoughtful planning resonate with me. It is great that they have provided so many examples and a structure in which to create lessons.

Marian Small

Author and International Professional Development Consultant

I strongly encourage all educators who teach mathematics at some point in their timetable to consider participating in this engaging professional development experience to move your practice to the next level.

Peter Liljedahl

Author: The Thinking Classroom , Professor, Faculty of Education Simon Fraser University

Kyle and Jon are on a mission to change how students experience math by ditching those forgettable “I do, we do, you do” lessons and crafting moments that students will remember.

Curious students WANT to learn and are EAGER to tackle that next challenging problem. Let Kyle and Jon show you how to spark curiosity on a daily basis.

Their three step framework can help any teacher make small changes that result in big wins!

Raj Shah

Founder of Math Plus Academy

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