3 Math Strategies To Engage Students While Teaching Remotely. 


If you’re teaching middle school or maybe you’re teaching high school like Jon, then you know that teaching through Zoom, or Google Meet, or MS Teams, or some other synchronous platform is NOT the same as teaching in your classroom! 

Where are the students faces? Where are their voices?

It seems that high schoolers and some middle school classes have just lost that necessary part of math class — their voice — math dialogue!

Regardless of your grade, teaching remotely is hard! 

Teaching on video often feels like you’re talking into the wind. You wonder if anyone is out there? Are you there? Anyone with me? These are common phrases we yell into our computer microphones hoping to receive some sort of acknowledgement that our students are still there! 

The video above shares three strategies that engage students in the classroom, promote and drive mathematical discourse, and build a positive safe learning environment. They’ve worked while we were face to face and they work while teaching remotely!

If you use one or all three strategies in your remote class then you’re sure to avoid those awkward silences and spark discussions that allow you to listen to your students thinking!

Read about each strategy and how they are used in a face-to-face class.

Strategy #1: Game of War

Strategy #2: Appointment Clock

Strategy #3: Truths & Lies


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Download the 2-page printable 3 Act Math Tip Sheet to ensure that you have the best start to your journey using 3 Act math Tasks to spark curiosity and fuel sense making in your math classroom!

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