How To Sneak In Linear Relations in Algebra Class

A live Lesson Look-In

What are ways we can fold in fundamental ideas and building blocks of linear relations while saving you time?

In our classes we’ve eliminated the 2-3 weeks we used to dedicate to introducing, developing, and solving problems with linear relations.


We’ve built in short math-talk discussions into our daily routines that unfold the key understandings of proportions, rates, and graphical representations of linear relations.

In this video you’ll see a recording of live session Jon recently had with his grade 9 applied class where they participated remotely in one of these short math talk discussions on linear relations.

What to watch for:

  • How Jon uses the Curiosity Path to Spark Curiosity with linear relations.
  • Jon’s use of the 5 Practices For Orchestrating Productive Mathematical Discussions to select & sequence student thinking. 
  • How Jon connects student thinking to introduce a new representation. 


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