Episode 2: Sparking Curiosity With The Curiosity Path

Dec 15, 2018 | Podcast

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Join Kyle Pearce from TapIntoTeenMinds.com and Jon Orr from MrOrr-IsAGeek.com as they take a dive into the Making Math Moments That Matter 3-Part Framework! In episode 2, they dive into the first part: Sparking Curiosity and highlight one of their favourite curiosity sparking strategies called the Curiosity Path.

You’ll Learn

  • The Go-To-Tool for Sparking Curiosity  – The Curiosity Pathway and how you can use it in your classroom.
  • How you can Withhold Information.
  • How you can create Anticipation.
  • How you can Implement Notice & Wonder in your classroom.
  • Why you should have your students estimate and predict.

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