Episode #15 : How To Get The Most Of The Conferences You Attend

Mar 11, 2019 | Podcast | 0 comments


Conference season is just around the corner for us at the time of this recording. We attend various conferences throughout the year and a big question that we always have is, “Is this going to be worth it?” In episode 15 we want to give you 5 TIPS on how to get the most out of the conferences you attend and also what can you do if you can’t attend a conference this year.

You’ll Learn

  • Practical tips to build a community while at a conference.
  • How being picky in your session is a good thing.
  • Why we should use this experience to learn about our “blind spots” in education.
  • Why we need to address in-equity in the classroom.
  • Tips to help you build a habit when implementing a new resources/tool/routine.

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