Episode #23: They’re Engaged, NOW WHAT!? [Math Mentoring Moment]

May 6, 2019 | Podcast | 0 comments


In this Math Mentoring Moment episode, you’ll meet Bill Zbozny Del Percio, a Grade 3 teacher from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania who always felt drawn to teaching, but feels like he’s struggling to squeeze as much mathematical thinking out of each task as possible.

Having built familiarity and confidence in sparking curiosity through 3 Act Math Tasks and delivering other rich tasks that leverage the natural curiosity of his students, Bill is seeking support from the Math Moment Maker Community to determine how he can best Fuel Sense Making on a daily basis.

You’ll Learn

  • Explore how we might select worthwhile tasks to elicit mathematical thinking;
  • Learn about efficiency and the fact that what is a fission for one student is not the same for all students;
  • How we might approach pushing our students to be more clever with their mathematical strategies and thinking;
  • Strategies to ensure we are anticipating how students at various levels of readiness might approach the task;
  • How understanding how mathematics develops conceptually can help to fuel sense making for all students to move them along with the developmental continuum at their level;


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