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Craft Your District Math Improvement Plan In Under an Hour

Start the 2023-2024 school year with a direct and clear vision for mathematics improvement in your district and the pedagogical practice of your educators will shift from “I do, we do, you do” to a model that builds mathematical thinkers from Kindergarten through Grade 12.


A Webinar For District Leaders Making Decisions for Math Programming.


Supporting a School, District or Organization in Mathematics?

Math Leaders Need Support To Do Their Work Effectively

At Make Math Moments, we believe that an effective mathematics program must be cultivated and fostered like a strong, healthy and balanced tree.

When you know how to strengthen the 6 parts of an effective math program, you create a program that grows strong and wide.

We provide Mathematics Leaders with the support to ensure they are able to craft a mathematics vision with clear objectives that every educator can rally behind in their organization.

Resources to Support Mathematics Leaders:

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Head to the District Improvement Program page to learn more about our work with mathematics system leaders and what that might look like for you and your team.


Could Your Lesson Structure Use a Tune-Up?

MMM 3-Part FrameworkThe Make Math Moments 3-Part Framework helps math teachers shift their lesson structure so they can turn any lesson into mathematically rich experiences that will spark student curiosity, fuel sense making, and ignite your teaching moves.

Take some time to dig into the 3-Part Framework to transform your own lessons you deliver from day-to-day or consider applying the framework with our problem based mathematics lessons. However you choose to apply the framework, doing so will ensure that you can Make Math Moments in your  math class on a consistent basis.

Dig Into The Finer Details of Structuring an Effective Mathematics Lesson

  • Classroom Mathematics Program Assessment Screener [Assessment]
    • Receive a report highlighting areas of strength in your program and where you might focus your attention next.
  • How to Make Math Moments That Matter Everyday [Video Course]
    • Learn how to create powerful moments by sparking curiosity using the Curiosity Path in your math class in our 4 day email course.
  • How to Transform Your Textbook Into a Curiosity Machine [Video Course]
    • Learn to transform your math resources and truly engage your students while creating a deeper and more fluent understanding of mathematics in this FREE 4-part video series.
  • 4-Part Math Lesson [Article + Video]
    • How we described our math lesson structure prior to the Make Math Moments 3-Part Framework
  • Random Grouping Cards [Article + Download]
    • Finding that your efforts to intentionally group students for problem solving activities? Consider applying Peter Liljedahl’s Building Thinking Classrooms research to pump some life into your problem solving routine.
  • How To Build a Thinking Classroom (BTC) [Podcast + Video + Resources]
    • Peter Liljedahl, author of Building Thinking Classrooms, joins us on the Making Math Moments That Matter Podcast to discuss how we can create more mathematical thinkers instead of mathematical mimickers. He also joins us on Episode 98 and again on Episode 225.
  • Spiralling Your Standards [Article + Video Mini-Course]
    • Your students are “cramming” for quizzes, tests and exams, but seem to forget everything within weeks of “supposedly” understanding. Integrate spiralling into your practice to leverage the power of interleaving and spaced practice.
  • Get Students On-Task and Engaged With Whiteboards [Article + Wipebook Discounts]
    • If you found the practices shared through Peter Liljedahl’s Building Thinking Classrooms (BTC) research to be helpful, then you probably are also interested in learning more about why Vertical Non-Permanent Surfaces (VNPS) aka “whiteboards” are helpful in math class.
  • How to Start the School Year Off Right [Article + Podcast + Downloads]
    • Tips on how to build a positive mathematics classroom culture and productive learning environment from the first day.
  • Ultimate List of Math Books [Article + Download]
    • You won’t believe how your teaching practice can evolve by digging into some of the best reads for effective mathematics instruction. 
  • Memorization vs. Automaticity [Article + Download]
    • Should we head “Back to Basics” or might we need to dig “Beyond the Basics” in mathematics? This one is always an eye-opener for many.

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Might There Be More To The Concepts You’re Teaching Than You Realize?

MMM 3-Part Framework

Did you know…

…that there are two types of division and that the type actually dictates the strategy you use to find a solution?

…that the difference between a ratio and a rate is much more complex than simply the idea that one has the same units and the other has different units?

…that there is a beautiful way to emerge Pi with your students instead of just “saying” it is the ratio between the circumference and diameter?

…that the volume of a sphere is the same as the volume of 2 cones of the same height and diameter?

Neither did we until we began to explore mathematics conceptually

Take some time to dig into the following resources that will help you think about some of the mathematics concepts you’re teaching, but may not fully understand with the conceptual depth that is required to ensure more access and equity for all students we serve.

Articles and Resources:

Conceptually Rich Lessons and Units:

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Head to the Make Math Moments Problem Based Units page to have a peek at all of our problem based lessons and units of study.


Subscribe and Listen to the Podcast “On The Run”

Making Math Moments That Matter PodcastThe Making Math Moments That Matter Podcast features insightful conversations with educational leaders and classroom teachers who are “in the trenches”.

Learn about the effective teaching practices that researchers, authors and other mathematics leaders lean on to craft meaningful mathematics experiences for students and share in the struggles of those in the classroom who are working as hard as they can to help every student find their own mathematical successes. 

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Popular Interviews With Math Moment Makers:

  • Episode #10: Mathematical Mindsets – An Interview With Dr. Jo Boaler [Podcast Episode]
    • Our conversation begins with Jo sharing some of her memorable moments from math class followed by a rich discussion about the importance of thinking deeply to communicate mathematical understanding, ideas for differentiation in the math classroom, teaching through task, and much more!
  • Episode #86: Catalyzing Change – An Interview with Robert Q. Berry [Podcast Episode]
    • Hear Robert discuss math moments he’s had as a student and a teacher. We’ll dive into a book series he’s been working on: Catalyzing Change, we’ll answer questions like: why we need to spark wonder and joy in our students and how you can implement equitable teaching practices into your classroom.
  • Episode #89: 3 Act Math Tasks – An Interview With Dan Meyer [Podcast Episode]
    • We get the dirt on Dan’s background as a student and early days as a teacher. He shares his insights on what lessons should look like, sound like and he lets us in on what a Chief Academic Officer really does. Discussion includes the origin story of the 3-Act math structure and why you need to know about it; how to use what you value in math lessons to bring out wonder and perplexity; the good and bad of ed-tech: what makes a great tech tool while teaching remotely; and, how being culturally aware humans can make us better teachers.
  • Episode #62: Learning Trajectories & Running Records – An Interview with Dr. Nicki Newton [Podcast Episode]
    • Nicki shares her passion about learning trajectories and why we all need to learn them for various mathematical ideas, why we should be using running running records, and she gives you many additional knowledge bombs and resources to dig into.
  • Episode #35: Visible Learning – An Interview with John Hattie [Podcast Episode]
    • We chat with John about the research into good learning strategies, how he conducted his research and how he uses effect size to compare teaching & learning strategies. We learn about the difference between surface learning, deep learning, and transfer learning, and what is the difference between focusing questions and funneling questions.
  • Episode #21: The Thinking Classroom – An Interview With Peter Liljedahl [Podcast]
    • Peter Liljedahl, author of Building Thinking Classrooms, joins us on the Making Math Moments That Matter Podcast to discuss how we can create more mathematical thinkers instead of mathematical mimickers. He also joins us on Episode #98 and again on Episode #225


Popular Mentoring Moment Episodes:


Popular Topic Specific Episodes:

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Head to the Make Math Moments Podcast Archives to have a peek at our over 200 episodes. We are certain you’ll find what you need there.


Still Need to Craft a Productive Struggle?

Personalized Blueprint for Math Lesson Resource MaterialsDon’t worry, we’ve been there. You feel the need to rush to the algorithm to “cover it all” and this might mean spending too little time giving students the opportunity to think, conjecture, productively struggle and emerge the big ideas of the mathematics conceptually before highlighting the efficient and effective algorithm that we learned when we were in school.

Take some time to dig into our engaging problem based math lessons and units of study that not only help to build a conceptual understanding of the mathematics we are entrusted to teach, but also provide you with the next moves to develop procedural fluency from those conceptual underpinnings.

Explore Our Problem Based Math Lessons


Math Moment Maker Full Lesson & Unit Favourites:

Explore over 60 full problem based mathematics units with 3 act math style tasks, number talk routines, purposeful practice and more.


Visual Number Talk Routines

Many educators are on the prowl for downloadable resources to print and share with students, but they rarely help develop fluency and flexibility with number sense and operational sense.

If your students struggle with math facts, this is likely hindering them from accessing the grade level content that you are trying to teach.

Dig into some of these favourites to help build fluency and flexibility while also exploring grade level concepts such as:

You can search for over 100 Visual Number Talk Prompts that allow you to build fluency and flexibility with number sense and operations in just a few minutes a day with your students.


Looking to Make a Serious Overhaul to Your Math Class?

Make Math Moments is on a mission to provide an opportunity for all mathematics educators around the world to access professional learning opportunities that will elevate their teaching practice and promote an equitable learning experience for all students.

We strive to provide all educators with the opportunity to Spark their learning through the Making Math Moments That Matter Podcast as a means to inspire the exploration of new pedagogical practices and to seek out opportunities to deepen their own mathematical content knowledge. 

We then aim to Fuel this motivation further by offering high impact professional learning through the Make Math Moments Virtual Summit

When educators are ready to Ignite their teacher moves, we act as a guide by providing a deeper level of coaching and practical support with professional development courses and resources such as those offered below.

Take a Deep Dive Into Transforming Your Mathematics Program:

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