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Wondering how to create a classroom culture where students don’t want to stop exploring mathematics when the bell rings? Kyle Pearce from TapIntoTeenMinds.com and Jon Orr from MrOrr-IsAGeek.com team up to uncover how we can Make Math Moments That Matter for every student in the math classroom from Kindergarten through Grade 12. Discover how you can build easy to plan and fun to deliver math lessons that kids will not only love, but also learn from using the Making Math Moments That Matter 3-Part Framework. Get ready to learn as we interview math education influencers, engage in coaching calls with mathematics educators from around the world, and take deep dives into assessment, differentiation, student behaviour, engagement, problem solving, math fact fluency, and many other common teacher challenges as we strive to Make Math Moments That Matter. Let’s learn how we can meet the needs of every learner in all classrooms regardless of student readiness together! Subscribe by searching or us on your preferred platform or by clicking here:  iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, RSS, or wherever you get your podcasts. 

Our Episodes

Episode #37: Hook, Line, & Sinker: An Interview with John Rowe

This week we speak with an Aussie John Rowe. John is a Math Coach from Adelaide Australia he’s put together a great resource for you on tasks for the math class and he’s also a Demsos wizard! Listen in as John shares his 5-day professional development plan for teachers, why he thinks Twitter is one of the most useful professional development sources we can have, and how to use his Hook, Line & Sinker framework in your classroom.

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Episode #36: How To Start The School Year Off Right

Summer vacation is soon coming to a close. If you’re like us, you’ve been thinking about that first day for that last week or so. You’ve prepared activities, organized classrooms, laminated everything you can get our hands on, and scrounged the internet for the best deal on dry-erase markers. School is back in and we want to dedicate this episode to the first day of class.

We’re sharing our go-to activities and strategies to start the school year off right so you can help inspire curiosity, build trust & support, and paint students a picture of what class will look like regularly.

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Episode #35 – Visible Learning: An Interview with John Hattie

This week we speak with John Hattie, a co-author of the Visible Learning Book series which has been a foundation for effective teaching practice and change for so many districts across the world. We chat with John about the research into good learning strategies, how he conducted his research and how he uses effect size to compare teaching & learning strategies. We learn about the difference between surface learning, deep learning, and transfer learning, and what is the difference between focusing questions and funneling questions.

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Episode #34 – Step Into STEAM: An Interview With Sarah Bush

This week we chat with Sarah Bush, an Associate Professor of K-12 STEM Education University of Central, she’s on the Board of Directors for the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and she’s co-authored the book Step Into STEAM. We sat down with sarah to get the inside scoop on what steam is, how it looks in real classrooms, why we should be considering this approach and how we can get started.

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Episode #33 The 5 Practices: An Interview with Peg Smith

We want to welcome NCTM Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient and co-author of one of the books we reference MOST OFTEN on this podcast: 5 Practices for Orchestrating Productive Mathematical Discussions The wonderful Dr. Peg Smith.
Listen in as we take a deep dive to unpack ALL 5 Practices AND you’ll hear from Peg about the other TWO practices that she often references, Why the 5 Practices are your roadmap to implementing high level tasks, How you can use assessing questions and advancing questions, and How to get STARTED with the 5 practices.

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Episode #32 The Formative Five: An Interview with Skip Fennell

In this episode we speak with Skip Fennel, math teacher, principal, A Maryland Council of Teachers of Mathematics’ Educator of the Year , Past NCTM President, He’s also the author of dozens of articles and books and is a coauthor of the book The Formative Five.
We chat with Skip about all things formative assessment. He shares with you 5 formative assessment strategies that will ensure you’re making math moments that matter! Join us as we dive into a great discussion with a contagiously passionate math educator at heart, Skip Fennell.

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Episode #31 Daily Routines to Jump-Start Math Class: An Interview with John SanGiovanni

We chat with John SanGIovanni – a Math Supervisor from Baltimore and Author of the book series Daily Routines To Jump-Start Math Class. In this episode John shares why your traditional warm up / bell ringer activities need to change, how to build number sense at any grade level and save time doing it, why traditional homework take-up doesn’t work, how to avoid creating math sheep! And you’ll walk away with 5 Specific Routine Activities to jump start your day.

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Episode 30: The Most Effective PD You’re Not Doing

Join us on Episode 30 of the Making Math Moments That Matter Podcast as we welcome Gabrielle Mejia and Jedidiah Butler as we take a deep dive into the Most Effective PD You’re Not Doing: Lesson Study. Listen in as Gabrielle and Jed share what Lesson Study means to them, why they think it is worthwhile to do AS OFTEN AS POSSIBLE, and they debunk some common myths and challenges one might encounter as you look to build this highly impactful professional learning structure into your department, school, or district.

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Episode #29: Concept-Based Mathematics: An interview With Jennifer Chang Wathall

In this episode, we’ll dive into a great conversation about shifting mathematics teaching from what many of us remember from our K-12 learning journey to a more progressive, inquiry approach to teaching mathematics conceptually. In particular, we’ll discuss with Jennifer Chang-Wathall how to be brave in your classroom to make necessary changes to promote student understanding, unpacking what teaching conceptually really means, and how we can ensure that students still learn the necessary facts and skills alongside conceptual understanding.

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